The story of Wakanavu started with a trip back to Nabua village, Natewa Bay which is nestled on the picturesque island of Vanua Levu. Premium quality kava has been farmed here for generations, hidden within thousands of hectares of rich soil and lush tropical forest. Traditionally, in these ideal conditions, kava has been farmed for community/cultural purposes and the domestic marketplace.  

Because of the remote locations of our farms in Nabua and Buca there is limited access to electricity, modern technology and cell phone coverage. This however hasn’t prevented the successful farming, harvesting, packaging and international distribution of the product without the input or reliance of ‘local middlemen‘ operators. This keeps operational costs economic and viable during production and distribution. The result of employing these traditional farming principles is a high quality consistent and sought after premium product. 

The expansion of the business to accommodate the demands of new exportation markets also provides great benefits for our Fijian people. The operation provides employment, training, revenue and opportunities overseas for our local people. People who are proud to invest in their future and the future of their nation’s economy.