Vosa Vakaviti

Wakanavu is not just about kava, it's about the 'WaiNiVanua' or 'Water of the Vanua'. 

Vanua literally means land, but also refers to the social and cultural aspects of the physical environment identified with a social group. On the social plane it includes the people and how they are socially structured and related to one another. On the cultural plane it embodies the values, beliefs and the common ways of doing things as described by Dr Apo Aporosa.

For us Wakanavu is about the land, people and culture. Enjoying our kava allows you to connect with your roots through talanoa and the overall cultural experience. However, a big part of the culture is the iTaukei language to which we have set up a language learning space online, through instagram (@iTaukeiChallenge) we post up a 'Vosa Ni Siga Nikau' or 'Word of the Day' in Fijian with it also used in a sentence to encourage people interested in learning the Fijian language to make a start with learning one word a day.

We are currently running an eight-week online course through Zoom for those that are serious about learning the language. You can find the recorded sessions on our blog section or join us on zoom Wednesday nights from 7.30pm (FJT).